Fill it with motion


to unwind

your mind

Fidget rings, balancing mobile earrings and necklaces with spinning stones in KinneTikko collection.

KinneTikko spinner rings are back in stock! Only a few in each size. Shop now!


Your opinion means the world to us
VictoriaEtsy review

I am extremely pleased with this product. It is very well made and extremely pretty. It will be a birthday gift for my daughter and I think she'll be very happy.

KathleenEtsy review

Everything exceeded my expectations. The jewelry is stunning, the customer service is top notch, personable, and kind, and the designs are contemporary and classy, perfect for everyone in your life.

MonicaEtsy review

Stunning is one word to describe this ring. Other words that come to mind are... unique and simply beautiful. I look forward to buying from this artist for years to come!

Our mission

Ignite the fire within

We hope when women wear our pieces they feel unique, beautiful, appreciated, loved and heard. But most importantly, we hope they can feel a connection to something bigger than any one of us. We are on the journey to connect with our clients on the deepest level through the stories we tell with our pieces to experience the moments of true magic of love and beauty together.

Our promise

Every item is a Masterpiece on it’s own.

What matters to us

Our products are:

Our package is designed to be sustainable and free of plastics.

Intentionally made

Each piece is designed with an intention.

High quality

Our jewelry is handcrafted with high quality materials by experienced craftsman.


Many of our pieces feature uniquely shaped pearls and are one-of-a-kind

Intentionally made
High quality

Small things that make a difference

Details are important
Sustainable practices and planet-friendly materials
Free shipping within USA on orders over $150
Free exchange and returns within 30 days of purchase
Each package is ready to become your perfect gift