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ístovo - means something made with great enthusiasm, passion, care, and love

Our mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place by bringing a bit of beauty in the everyday life of our amazing clients. We create our jewelry for those who appreciate the uniqueness and the pure beauty of simple things, seek a deeper meaning in what they own and wear. We hope when women wear Istovo pieces they feel unique, beautiful, appreciated, loved and heard. We hope they can feel a connection to something bigger than any one of us, and understand the deep meaning behind every piece we create. We wish to connect with our clients on the deepest personal level, understand them, and share the moments of true magic.


Our jewelry is inspired by organic forms, movement, the contrast of nature and technology, balance and geometry. Design of each piece is an amazing adventure for us, and there is always place for creativity and improvisation. Each and every one of our pieces is born to bring positive energy and make your life a little bit more beautiful.

We work together, my husband and I, just the two of us for now, and share all the stages of the process between each other.

My name is Maria. I'm a jewelry designer, photographer, and founder of Istovo. I am the one who is standing behind all jewelry designs, photographs and all visual communication.

My husband’s name is Ivan. He is the brain behind bringing our creative jewelry designs to life in physical form and co-founder of Istovo. He has an extensive background in Engineering, Mechanics, and is an extremely handy-man, supporting Istovo and me personally in all possible ways.


We melt the silver, mold it into bars, then roll it into sheets, stretch the silver wire, form the shapes, put the pieces together and solder them. We create our jewelry by hand, we do not use 3D modeling and other modern technologies. Some pieces original forms are created first in jewelry wax with the help of hand tools and a drill. Then they are casted and refined in sterling silver 925. We adore silver for its simplicity, delicacy and grace. This metal has unique qualities and very pleasant to work with. We also use baroque pearls and natural stones such as lava, rhinestone, obsidian, agate, and others. We Istovo believe in minimising our ecological footprint. It took us quite some time to come up with our new eco-friendly packaging that continues to meet our high aesthetic standards. Our beautiful metal boxes are timeless and will become an amazing jewelry holder for storage and travel.