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Moana eye necklace has a lava sphere in the center and small shungites on the sides. The necklace is made completely entirely from 925 sterling silver, the insert is lava and shungite. It attracts eyes as if hypnotising others!

The eye is a very powerful symbol in the cultures of different nations. The all-seeing eye personifies the enormous power of knowledge, the ability to know what is hidden behind the veil, and lies beyond the material. It is the root cause of all that exists, allows you to see the truth and solve the mysteries of the universe.

KinneTikko is a collection of jewelry with moving elements, inspired by kinetic art. After all, nothing is static. Everything is always in motion, even if we cannot see it. Life is movement, and movement is the essence of life. Our jewelry with moving elements was designed to be the perfect complement that aligns with your life. It comes alive, as its owner fills it with motion.


Sterling silver | Lava | Shungite